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Skybury Plantation

Skybury is Australia's oldest producing coffee plantation and Australia's largest exporter of home grown coffee. Our family owned company has been producing Arabica coffee and tropical fruits (papaya, bananas and longans) from our 300 acre plantation near Mareeba (1 hours drive from Cairns) for 25 years.

The growing conditions for coffee and tropical fruits are excellent with mild winters and warm summers. The coffee harvest is usually in June and July when the cool mornings assist the maturing process on the trees and extend the fermentation process in our wet factory. Papaya and bananas are harvested throughout the year.

Our coffee and tropical fruit are grown under an IPM (Insect pest Management) system where we generally manage pests without the use of insecticides.

60% of the fertilisers supplied are organic, with the balance being commercial grade fertilisers selected to be beneficial to the soils and fauna they contain. The fertilisers are supplied through the irrigation system.

Water is supplied through the dry months from the Tinaroo Irrigation Scheme. We use trickle irrigation, watering each plant twice a day. This ensures that water and nutrients are only supplied to the root zone of the crops.

Our green credentials lie in the condition of our soils which have improved 10 fold in 20 years. We calculate this buy monitoring the increase in carbon levels in the soil.

Australia's leading tropical plantation - 30 Australian Champions

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Skybury Coffee
Mareeba, North Queensland, Australia
P: 07 4093 2190 | E: info@skybury.com.au

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