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New Partnership Brewed

Skybury has partnered with its neighbouring Mareeba coffee plantation, North Queensland Gold Coffee (NQ Gold) in a deal which will see both brands continue their successful operations.

The partnership is another chapter in the long-standing relationship between the MacLaughlin and Maloberti families in Australia’s premier growing coffee area.

Candy MacLaughlin, general manager and head roaster at Skybury Tropical Plantation, said the deal was about partnership with two long-standing coffee pioneers coming together.

“This is an opportunity for Skybury to carry on the name of Mareeba’s pioneering coffee growing family – to protect and celebrate the history of coffee production in the Mareeba area.”

Maloberti family patriarch Bruno Maloberti started his coffee plantation in 1980 on 37ha of former tobacco growing land.

The family planted 30,000 coffee trees for harvest and roasting under the NQ Gold brand.

Ms MacLaughlin said her first introduction to roasting coffee was in the Maloberti shed and she has known Maria Maloberti, now NQ Gold’s manager, since she was 11 years old.

The relationship between the two families is one of mutual respect and that consideration will continue, with Skybury now treating NQ Gold as its own.

“When we first started growing coffee 30 years ago Bruno was really helpful in sharing his knowledge of the industry with us,” she added.

“As he got older this help was returned – we used to help harvest and process his coffee for him from time to time and the two families have remained good friends ever since.”

Ms Maloberti said Skybury had the same family focused ethos as NQ Gold and couldn’t think of a better fit, as she plans for her retirement and to spend more time with Bruno.

“It upholds the same beliefs of family values, honesty and tradition that sits at the core of our business. I know our long standing loyal customers will be as delighted as my father and I know NQ Gold rests in the hands of our good friends and neighbours of more than three decades.”

She said it would be business as usual for NQ Gold customers. “The family name of Maloberti and our roasting tradition will continue with what we have built since 1980.

“Our fourth-generation coffee roaster from Italy will become a show piece at Skybury’s Café & Roastery and all NQ Gold coffee will continue to be roasted in it.”

NQ Gold customers will now be able to order all their favourite NG Gold products online at





NQ Gold

NQ Gold grows premium Arabica beans on its Paddy’s Green Coffee Plantation at Mareeba on the Atherton Tablelands. The Maloberti family have owned the property since 1960. A former tobacco farm, coffee is now produced on the property from “coffee bush to cup, in meticulous fashion.” Bruno Maloberti has said of the business: “Our business is not about technology, it’s about family values and the traditional way.”



Skybury Tropical Plantation is Australia’s oldest commercial coffee plantation, producing coffee for domestic and international consumption. It annually harvests around 50 tonnes of Arabica coffee. The family operated business is the largest Australian exporter of coffee, with about half the crop sold overseas in markets including Japan, the US, Canada and Europe.

The family owned business also produces papayas in a unique double cropping regime with the coffee. The extensive enterprise also includes the Skybury Café and Roastery.


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